Want to see how WIF 'n Proof will help you? Although WIF 'n Proof allows up to 40 shafts and treadles (in the iPad version), the Demo program running in the window below is limited to 8 shafts and 8 treadles when designing your own draft. Your mouse 'click' is a finger 'tap'. You may view the fabric drawdown and play with your new draft, but you cannot save it.

Four WIF files are included for you to explore the at-loom assistance features, and you may 'Edit' the included sample drafts. Every screen has a Help display to guide you. The portrait mode screens are left justified in the window, and the help file is displayed on the right. The two Threading screens are landscape mode and appear in the upper area of the demo window, and the help file is displayed below. The screens will, of course, be centered on your device, and you turn Help on and off with a button.

You may view this demo on a mobile device - please wait for it to finish loading - but it is best viewed on a computer.

If you do not see the app in the window below, or if it does not function properly, try again with Safari or Chrome. Unfortunately FireFox, Opera, and IE cannot display it correctly. Or you may scroll down to request a demo to try on your device.

Don't forget to use the Help button!
(This Demo app shows the Help automatically, but on your device this button turns Help on and off. Try it!)

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Click here for a Tutorial on the Design Center. Click here for a description of the tools.
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Please take some time to download and read the manual.

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